Words have a lot of power in them. When made musical, the power only increases.

I Listen

It’s beautiful,
This weather, these birds,
The wind, the calmness.
The way they all sync
Perfectly like the notes of a major chord,
Creating symphonies of life,
So mesmerizing that one can only listen, forever!
And in all of this,
I close my eyes and listen
To the vastness of the sky
And the drops of water
The roar of the factories
And the buzzing of the bees.

It’s beautiful
How everything has its own sound,
Unique to its existence.
The rain and its sound of hope,
The leaves and their sound of life,
The butterflies and the birds flying,
I listen to everything, all the time.
It’s amazing how easy it is,
But often the most ignored,
The ability to hear the world,
For what it has to say.

It’s beautiful,
This song, it’s melodies
The chords, the feel,
The way it all syncs
Perfectly like this weather,
Creating the ambience so nice,
So mesmerizing that I can only listen to it, forever!
And in all of this
I close my eyes,
To listen, to feel alive,
I find peace in listening to life.

The Beauty of Sound

Listen to the voices that surround you,
The air has something to say,
When everyone has calmed down,
When everyone is far away,
And you're all alone in the room,
Listening to the space around,
The hiss you feel in your ears,
Is louder than ever, so profound!

In the silence of the night,
When everyone is in his dreams,
You can hear time ticking in the clock,
The heart beats louder, it seems,
The footsteps, the rain drops, the wind,
Everything is clearer around,
In the silence you hear more,
That's the beauty of sound!