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Our store currently has tracks for download. We are working on new VST Plugins that will be available soon.

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We at Re-Nova keep looking for inspiration from around the world. New artists, designers, developers and idea makers fascinate us the most. We like to collaborate with people on various kind of projects including short films and workshops. If you think our work is good enough, support us by buying our tracks. You can use the tracks in your projects for non-commercial basis, provided you mention our name.

We have been trying our hands on a wider field like developing Virtual Instruments & Effects, and creating a soundbank. It's always great to meet like minded people. So if you are into any kind of art or production, feel free to contact us. Be a part of our team and we'll create some cool stuff for the world. Contact us at


Genre: Rap instrumental

Soothing intro with cool beats that lead into an adventure of orchestral strings in the chorus. This is an easy-to-rap instrumental that we composed a while ago. Download, add your vocals and send to us. It'll be a fun collaboration.


Genre: Epic Soundtrack

A soundtrack for thriller movie scenes that includes heavy drum hits followed by powerful action strings. This track in suitable is suitable for short films and promos as well.

Off The Edge (Cinematic Version)

Genre: Rock

Begins with a white noise riser that leads you into a battle of drums and strings. This is the special cinematic version of the track that Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda retweeted about.